What do I need to bring to my lesson?

You must bring your provisional driving licence to every lesson. This is the green card.

You also need this to be able to take the theory AND practical tests.


Can I start/end my lesson at my workplace?

It may be possible to start/end your lesson at your workplace/home providing both are within Warrington, please check with your instructor the day BEFORE your lesson to confirm.


Is there a cancellation policy?

We ask that 24 hours notice is given in the event that you are unable to keep your appointment.

By giving us 24 hours notice you will not have to pay for the lesson as there is sufficient time to fill your space.

Your instructor will text you the day before your lesson to check you can still make your slot, so you will always have a reminder. This is your final chance to cancel/change it before you may be charged.


Is it possible to make a block booking?

Yes block bookings can be made (usually 10hrs) with lesson lengths to suit your needs. We give a discount for block bookings when paid in advance. You don't need to have the same lesson time and length each week.


What does the Independent Driving part of the driving test involve?

It's a 20 minute part of the test where the examiner will ask you to follow signs or follow a sat nav, which they will provide and is already set up.

It really isn't anything to worry about, it's just to see if you can drive without being prompted. It isn't a memory test, they're testing your driving, so don't worry if you have to ask which way to turn if you've gone blank!!


How much are tests?

The theory test costs £23. Make sure you book using the official GOV.UK website, otherwise you may be charged admin costs and other strange fees!

 Your practical test* will cost £62.

 (£75 for evenings/weekends, check your chosen centre test times.)

Remember to make sure you use the official GOV.UK website.

Have your licence & theory pass certificate to hand as you will need

info from them when booking.

*Discuss everything with your instructor BEFORE booking your practical test!!


What's this I hear about learners can drive on the motorway?

You may only drive on a motorway in an ADI's car with your instructor, dual controls fitted, and the proper L plates displayed in an official lesson. This is up to your instructor if they wish to take you once you've reached a high enough standard of driving to cope with the faster and arguably more dangerous roads. It's definitely a good idea, and should even stop a few people hogging the middle lane....which incidentally is not the normal lane to be in unless overtaking!




 Other questions or queries...just message us.